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Fantasy cricket is an online game where each user selects their own team of 11 players by choosing players from two real teams who play real cricket on the ground. As the real game progresses on the ground, every user’s (fantasy team owner’s) team gets points for the real- match performance of the players on their team. Points are awarded based on the runs scored and wickets and catches taken by the players. There are different fantasy cricket variants and formats on KheloFantasy to choose from. Users can choose the format they like and enjoy a round of fantasy sports on the device of their choice. There are two main types of fantasy cricket games on KheloFantasy: practise and paid fantasy games. Want to join a fantasy cricket game? Just register with KheloFantasy for free, join a match and select your team of eleven players, including batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders and at least one wicketkeeper. Also, select a Captain and a Vice Captain for your team. Select the Captain and the Vice-Captain wisely as their performance has greater weighting than the other players’ performance.

Fantasy football is a sports game where each player can make a team of 11 players. As the game starts, the users get points for the players based on their performance in the real match. To be precise, this is the place where the thrill of real fantasy football comes into action. To join a fantasy football league, you need to join a match and pick a team of players that would include 1 Goalkeeper, 3 to 5 Defenders, 3 to 5 Midfielders and 1 to 3 Forwards. Along with it, you also need to select the Captain and the Vice-Captain of the team. But what truly makes online fantasy football so interesting? Fantasy football can never give you a dull moment. It is like you are playing/managing a team that you have created for every match. It is the kind of engagement that you can never get tired of. When you play fantasy football and win cash daily, you not only get excited, but you also get a sense of accomplishment. You can win cash rewards and prizes every day. To improve your gaming skills, you can go through the fantasy football tips section and become an expert in this game. So, start and play fantasy football now.

Here are the basic rules you need to follow while playing a fantasy cricket or football match on KheloFantasy: Selecting the Match - Once you head to the cricket or football page, you will see a list of upcoming cricket or football matches that you can participate in. Pick the match that suits you want to play. Creating a Team - After you have selected a match, it is time to put your sports knowledge and analytical skills to good use by picking the right team. This is critical as creating the best team will help you win bigger rewards in Cash Contests. Free / Cash Contests - Once you have created your team, you will be redirected to the contests page. Select a Cash Contest that fits your budget. You can also test your skills in Practice Contests. That is, it! You are all set for the fantasy cricket or football game. Follow the Match - It is time to check your fantasy cricket or football team’s progress. You can use the fantasy scorecard and contest leader board to check your rank.

Once the match is over and winners are officially declared, your fantasy team’s final ranking and winning amount will be visible on the leader board.

Utilize your knowledge of cricket and experience in the game to make money in the most secure and legal way. KheloFantasy is legal to play in India. Whether you select our free cricket games, or cash games to play cricket and win cash prizes, you do not need to worry about anything whatsoever. All the payment gateways and online transactions on KheloFantasy are safe and secure, and the winnings are transferred to your account automatically. KheloFantasy is a skill-based game, and according to a Supreme Court verdict, it is 100% legal to play skill games for free or with cash in India. Download our app or simply register on our website and start playing to win rewards and cash daily.